Sandghosts is a Three piece band -  Kate, Scott & Craig.


Kate and Scott have been married for a few years, a fine example of opposites attracting :- Kate is a classically taught violinist whilst Scott taught himself how to bash the drums.


After not playing violin for many years Kate was begged to pick it up again in order to give the band a bit of much needed class and sexiness.


Scott spent one year at music college before engaging in an un-illustrious on / off relationship with the drums, both have had to learn new styles of playing to fit in with the unique stylings of Craig, both are happy in Sandghosts! 

Craig too - he started guitar playing with a touch of classical and Blues in E almost fifty years ago, torn between Leadbelly and Segovia he settled on Dylan and Neil Young.


As his voice deepens he moves towards Leonard Cohen and hopes for the best. Over a hundred songs later he is considering a career in haute cuisine, with six kids and countless pets he could do with some sponsorship.