(Rob Graft)

Rob Graft - A man of several musical aliases, with his musical interest starting at the age of 6 years old, when he first heard 'Dark side of the moon'.


As time passed, he discovered 'Electronica', having a taste for Tangerine Dream, John Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Kraftwerk.


Experimenting with a Commodore Amiga and Med Music Tracker, he moved onto Octamed and teamed up with 3 friends to form a band called 'Alien Race' specializing in Acid / Techno - they were signed up by H.O.S Records / Wasp Distribution.


2 EP's followed on Encounter Records selling over 2000 copies - a track was used for a compilation CD 'Prime Cuts: Music for the new Electronic Generation-Volume 2'.


Rob - under the artist name of 'Electronic Bubble Frog' also released an ambient trance EP named 'Puff Adder' which also sold more than 2000 copies.


'Sound in black & white' was a solo album project under the Dj name of '6'


He is now known as 'Musicby6' and is also one half of the duo 'Atomic Resonance'